iPhone Java App Creator

Saturday, 23 August 2008

0.1 Released

Mirror 1:

Source code: http://www.sendspace.com/file/rpawoy

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  • Says icon should be 58x58 in the app, this is wrong should say 60x60.
  • Cant be used in a path with spaces in it
  • Basically no error handling, made app in few hours for test version haven't bothered yet.

Getting Started

  • Install iPhone/Java from Cydia
  • Install OpenSSH from Cydia
  • Restart your iPhone
  • Install the 'JDK 6 Update 7' from here - http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp
  • Install 'JCreator LE version' from here - http://www.jcreator.com/download.htm
  • Download this (See above posts for latest version of iPhone Java App Creator) and extract it somewhere like c:\iphoneappcreator THE PATH MUST HAVE NO SPACES IN IT
  • Go into your iPhone settings and change auto lock to never ( this will stop the connection cutting out)
  • Get your iPhones IP Address ( this can be done by going to wifi settings, and clicking the blue button next to your connection )
  • Run c:\iphoneappcreator\iPhoneJavaHelper.exe
  • Create a new application - lets call it TestApp and put your iPhones IP in and click 'New iPhone Application'
  • Go to c:\iphoneappcreator\applications\TestApp\src and run the workspace file TestApp.jcw
  • Click on the Project Menu and select Project Settings
  • Click on the tab 'Required Libraries'
  • Click New
  • Type 'iPhone' as the name (case sensitive)
  • Click Add->Archive
  • Enter the folder c:\iphoneappcreator\libs and select ALL the files in that folder by holding and dragging your mouse over them all, then click open
  • Click OK, then OK again.
  • Click the Play button on the toolbar to compile your application
  • Goto c:\iphoneappcreator\ and run UpdateToPhone.exe
  • Type in your applications name (one word string case sensitive)
  • Type in your iPhones IP and click Update iPhone with my local compile
  • Go to your iPhone now and run the app
  • Enjoy.